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In the Dark

So there’s an interesting thing about this monastery that we are staying at. Actually there are a few. Well, dozens. First off, there is a legitimate femur of St. Benedict (founder of the Benedictine Order and Rule) in the sacristy of the church. The monks here told my friend and I that they determined it was an original because when they reconstructed the body of St. Benedict, they received the body of a freakishly large man… With several heads, dozens of ribs, multiple hands and arms. But, they only had two femurs, which humans do have!

And actually, the room where I’m sleeping in (with the rest of the guys from my flight) is actually located adjacent / caddy corner and above to the sacristy where the reliquary is located.

Last night when we got to Samos at 2am, as I laid down to sleep, I sincerely asked Jesus to calm my dreams and to restrain me from snoring. If you know me, you probably know that I snore. Loudly. Well, my friend Shane said I was very quiet. And I was very well rested! Benedict is still kicking face into any demons.

So here’s another interesting thing. Almost all hallway lights shut off after ten or so minutes. And with all official FOCUS activities ceasing around 10:30pm (so that the monks can sleep after praying!), everyone generally heads to their dorms. My friend and I decided to go explore part of the Monastery that we knew the other guys were. And the lights went out. Pitch black. And the light switches don’t glow or have glow in the dark stars on them. Luckily we had flashlights, using them to navigate the halls. It’s funny how much darkness can be paralyzingly scary. Yet with a simple flick of a switch, light pierces the darkness, usually bringing some sigh of relief.

And I think our prayer life can be like that. We can be constant and vigilant for a while, then things happen. We start to lose focus and everything blurs. But then something happens. A restoration. Be it the Sacrament of Reconciliation, a greeting from an old friend or the finding of a lost Rosary.

I pray this finds you well. The monks here are amazing. What a witness!


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